Moving into the new Rescue Centre was a huge milestone in the Society’s history.

It is hard to explain how wonderful it is to see the dogs in their new kennels in an environment which helps to make their stay with us, for however long, as comfortable and fulfilling as possible.

Of course, the kennels themselves formed Phase One in our vision to create a Centre of Excellence for our rescue and rehoming work. As we settle into our new surroundings we have already turned our attention to, and indeed commenced work on, Phase 2. This includes landscaping, car parking areas and the demolition of the old kennels to give us room for additional training facilities.

As well as calm and comfortable surroundings in the kennels themselves it is also important to offer training, socialisation and relaxation areas for the dogs. Essentially a dog play zone!

With this in mind, one of the key elements of Phase 2 will take the form of creating and building two enrichment and sensory paddocks. These paddocks will not only provide the dogs with the space to socialise together but by adding different plants, scents and textures as well as other features we can provide the mental and physical stimulation they also require.

Features such as a sandpit for digging, water feature for paddling, log tunnels and raised platforms will enable dogs to put their natural skills to the test. Caves, trees and shrubs will provide additional interest as well as natural shade. Plants such as lavender, yarrow, St Johns Wort and valerian add scent and can offer beneficial properties for dogs. The paddocks can also be used to provide quieter surroundings for training as well as a good place for potential owners to meet a dog for the first time.

In essence the paddocks will not only provide an exciting and stimulating area for the dogs but will highlight certain aspects of their personality, helping us to evaluate their progress and aid the rehoming process.

Initial costings for two 25m paddocks plus the cost of the features is estimated to be £20,000 and to help us achieve this next chapter we are excited to announce the launch of a new campaign to raise funds to create our DogZone.

It is because of your incredible generosity that we have already achieved so much and with your continued loyalty we can achieve so much more.

We are building a better future for rescue dogs and you can help us by donating to our DogZone campaign in one of the following ways:

Text ZONE20 £20 to 70070 to donate £20


Text ZONE20 £10 to 70070 to donate £10

Complete and return the attached donation form

Or donate online at