Dog List

Below is our dog list which features some of the dogs at the Rescue Centre looking for homes.

Iky - 3 years dog (N)

Iky is a brown crossbred dog.

Meeshy - 2 years bitch (N)

Meeshy is a tri-colour crossbred bitch.

Olive - 4 months bitch

Olive is a brown crossbred bitch.

Romie - 8 months bitch (N)

Romie is a tricolour crossbred bitch.

If you would like further information about our dogs or would like to assist by sponsoring their care at the Rescue Centre, please call 01296 623885 between 10.30am and 2pm or contact us.

Abbreviations as follows:
CKC = Cavalier King Charles
ESS = English Springer Spaniel
GSD = German Shepherd Dog
JRT = Jack Russell Terrier
SBT= Staffordshire Bull terrier
WSD = Working Sheep Dog
(N) = Neutered